Three Things


1. New research suggests food cravings may affect the brain of obese people in the same way as drug addiction. Can obesity be called a “food addiction?” There is previous research to suggest that cocaine and sugar affect the brain in almost identical ways. Scary right! Further research is needed to confirm a link between food craving behavior and changes in the brain, but it’s a start. The obesity epidemic is real with more than one-third of American adults being obese. {Medical Daily}

2. Lululemon is trying something new. For all the fitness fanatics out there this news could change the way you feel while working out. A new concept has been created that includes five types of pants based on sensation. Think: individualized comfort. {SELF}

3. Sweet potatoes are one of my favorite things about fall (besides pumpkin of course) so here are 13 sweet potato salads that I must try. This orange-fleshed potato is packed with vitamin A and vitamin C. It’s a much more nutritious alternative to white potatoes with an added bonus of some sweetness. {Delish}


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