Happy Hydration

How much water should you drink a day? This is a common question that I come across often. Water makes up 60% of the human body. That’s a lot! Water plays a role in metabolism, aids in digestion, flushes out toxins, transports water-soluble nutrients, and aids in the production of hormones and neurotransmitters. We would not be able to survive without water.

In general, we need 8-10 cups of water per day which is equivalent to 64-80 ounces per day. The adequate intake (AI) for men is 15-16 cups of fluid per day and 11-12 cups for women. This recommendation is increased if you exercise, sweat, or are not getting enough food that contain water (think: fresh fruits and vegetables). Add an extra 1-2 cups or more of water per day depending on your workout.

During a workout that lasts longer than one hour make sure to drink plenty of water to account for all of your fluid losses (sweat) and for a really strenuous workout add some carbohydrates and sodium (i.e. Gatorade or coconut water). The reason for this is that during prolonged exercise carbohydrates become necessary to provide a metabolic molecule to continue fat oxidation – fat is our primary source of energy.

Top Five Benefits of Drinking Water

  1. Increases energy – Drinking plenty of fluids helps keep your body healthy and happy! Dehydration can do the opposite. Stay energized by staying hydrated.
  2. Promotes weight loss – By staying hydrated you can more accurately assess your hunger cues. Sometimes hunger can be mistaken for thirst!
  3. Flushes out toxins – The kidneys and liver are the filter systems within our bodies. Water is necessary for removal of waste and by-products from metabolism.
  4. Key to radiant skin – Our skin is made up of cells which are mainly water. Drinking enough water can reduce dry, tight, or flaky skin – meaning preventing wrinkles and glowing skin!
  5. Aids in digestion – Water plays a vital role in digestion by keeping things moving within your intestines. Stay hydrates for your digestive health.

My favorite way to drink water is with a squeeze of lemon. What’s your favorite way to add flavor? Tell me below!


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