Three Things


1. It’s no surprise that exercise is good for us. We know that aerobic activity has positive effects on our health, but a new study focuses on our brain and light resistance training or weight lifting. The findings from the study suggest that weight training can create positive changes in the structure of the brain. Weight training at least twice a week is recommended. Try to incorporate light weight training with cardio or aerobic activity four times per week. You don’t have to jump right in to a full weight lifting schedule, but by starting out light you can build up muscle and increase your metabolism.

2. Ever wonder what you should eat to fuel your workout? The fuel depends on when you workout plus you need to fuel before and refuel after! In the morning, start with water and a small carbohydrate snack and after eat a breakfast with carbohydrates and protein. In the afternoon, make sure you’ve eaten a quality lunch and be sure to hydrate. After, have a snack of smart carbs and protein or have a healthy dinner.

3. Halloween is just around the corner! Where did October go?! If you’re fueling up for a dressed up, all out Halloween party then you need to make one of these Halloween punch recipes. Watch out for those sneaky sugar-filled cocktails, but one or two will do the trick! Remember alcohol has 7 calories per gram compared to carbohydrates which have 4 calories per gram.


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