Three Things


1. Have you heard of orthorexia? This is defined as “an obsession with eating foods that one considers healthy.” It is a condition in which someone systematically avoids specific foods because they believe they are harmful. According to an article in the Washington Post most doctors do not yet recognize this as an official diagnosis. It is essentially a fixation on “clean eating” that goes to far. The National Eating Disorders Association does recognize this as an issue, but it is not listed in the DSM-5. This disorder is why it is extremely important to find balance in a healthful lifestyle including all foods in moderation.

2. The weight loss plateau is common. This article details eight common barriers that may cause this problem. While stress, too little sleep, and some medications may be preventing you from losing more weight the biggest culprit I’ve found is underestimating your splurges. Those couple drinks, couple meals out, and a couple treats you have each week or over the weekend add up! Be aware of the additional calories you’re adding each time you splurge.

3. Now that we’re in November Thanksgiving is right around the corner. This is a comprehensive link of everything you want to know about Thanksgiving. How to plan the menu, how to cook the turkey, how to make the perfect pie – it’s all here!


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