Three Things


1. Prediabetes is important to talk about during American Diabetes Month. This is a condition in which people have higher than normal blood sugars, but not high enough to be classified as diabetes. People with prediabetes can reverse the effects and therefore prevent or delay getting diabetes. Losing five percent of a person’s body weight can help stabilize blood sugars. Weight loss and lifestyle or dietary changes can prevent diabetes. Check out my latest post on diabetes.

2. Who doesn’t love Cheerios. Cheerios Protein is under fire for only having 0.7 grams more protein than regular Cheerios. Not to mention Cheerios Protein having 16 grams more sugar than regular! It is important to note that many products who tout low fat, reduced fat, and even high protein have much more added sugar than their counterparts. Sugar is added to help make products shelf stable once fat is removed. Remember to always check the nutrition facts label! Don’t let packaging fool you.

3. Happy hour is always a must. I love these tips on how to choose wisely, but still have fun while you’re out with friends. Planning ahead is the best way to stay in line with your goals. My favorite tip is you can always split dessert (and the fries). Indulge a little while keeping your portions small.



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