Three Things


1. A new study has suggested that personalized nutrition could eventually replace national nutrition guidelines for the entire public. This suggests that certain foods may be good for one individual, but not for another. More specifically, diets would be individualized based on biology. While this is a new idea that is not going to used just yet the idea of individual nutrition counseling is important. Not all diets or diet techniques work for everyone and when I say diet I don’t mean a crazy fad diet! I mean a general healthful diet. Stay tuned for this new field of research.

2. Only 4% of Americans eat enough vegetables. What?! This is according to the National Fruit & Vegetable Alliance’s new report. Pizza, sandwiches, and fast food have been come staples in the American diet due to convenience. But, vegetables can be convenient too! It’s simple to add vegetables to every single meal. Breakfast: think omelet, smoothie, avocado toast, or breakfast burrito. Snacks: think veggies and hummus or peanut butter or cheese. Lunch and dinner: think salad, frozen veggies as a side, double the portion in soups, salads, pastas, sandwiches, pizzas, and casseroles. You can get enough vegetables each day – get creative!

3. I’ve never been a fan of eggnog. So this link is for those of you on my side of this argument! Reasons why you should never drink eggnog include the flavor and my favorite reason: the calorie bomb! Just one cup packs 224 calories, 11 g fat (not the good kind), and 20 g sugar. If you’re really craving this holiday treat here’s a recipe for “skinny” eggnog.

P.S. Applebee’s and IHOP have removed soda from their kids menus!


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