Three Things


1. Healthy options in checkout lanes may be the next step to hindering those last second cravings. Instead of chips, candy, and sodas being available to grab as you leave a store, imagine some healthier options. I love this idea. Consumers may not be as tempted to make a poor choice and instead pick things like granola bars and fresh fruit. Tip: In a rush, grab a granola bar or a snack from the refrigerated section in convenience stores. Generally, they have some sort of yogurt, cheese and fruit combo, or vegetables with dip.

2. These are the top 10 specialty food trends for 2016. One of them is “convenience foods” which ties in with the article above! My favorite trend would have to be full fat products making a comeback. Case in point: Siggi’s whole milk yogurt. The fig & lemon flavor is amazing and that extra fat makes a creamy product. Don’t be afraid of fat, all foods fit! Balance is key.

3. BuzzFeed always entertains me with their food articles. This one is foods that should never have been invented. Pecan pie and cafe mocha M&Ms sound pretty good if you ask me! Peeps-flavored milk is by far the worst. Wonder how much sugar is in that…


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