Peru Adventure: Part 3

Day 4: Engagement Party, Barranco

Tuesday called for a catered engagement party for my cousin and her fiance. The party wasgradparty
filled with traditional dishes and of course plenty of pisco to go around. There was a dish called seco de carne, a beef stew made with cilantro, and aji de galliña, hen in a spicy sauce. To top it off there were ceviche appetizers and a dish of a potato cake with crab on top.

That night my cousins and I went to a part of Lima called Barranco. There we went to el Puente de los Suspiros or “bridge of sighs” which has a nice view of the part of the city below. We walked around and saw some old churches around the square and settled on a restaurant for a late dinner. We had anticuchos (cow heart if you remember), some other grilled meats, and a few drinks.

Day 5: Club de Regatas, Peña

beachBeach day was one of my favorite relaxing parts of my trip. My moms friends took a group of us to the beach club where we laid out, read, drank, ate, and relaxed on the beach. There was fresh seafood and frozen drinks and shady palm trees. Later, we cleaned up and had a fabulous dinner at a family friends home. We cut short our dinner to head out to a peña. This is basically a club where they play traditional music and perform traditional dances. It turned into a late night with Jon getting pulled on stage to dance with one of the performers! Too fun.

Day 6: Chifa, New Years Eve

It was day six and we still hadn’t had Chifa! This is a fusion of Peruvian and Chinese food. More chifalike Chinese, but fresh and delicious nonetheless. We ate duck and chicharron de gallina, a fried hen dish with a lemon sauce. After a quick nap, we got ready for New Years Eve festivities. My family got together at my aunts condo overlooking the ocean and had a Greek dinner (just for fun), but with pisco… duh. Before midnight we walked down to the park below and waited for fireworks. Everyone was wearing pops of yellow for good luck! Then, when the clock struck twelve we each ate twelve grapes for good luck each month of the new year. Feliz año nuevo!

Day 7: Miraflores, Comida Selvática

parkOur last day in Peru was relaxed. A small group of us when to the center of Miraflores to shop and walk through the park. There is a large, vibrant statue of El Torito de Pucara in the park. This bull is supposed to bring luck to the homes where he is placed. I bought a small one at the flea market to bring back with me. For lunch, we had food from the jungle or comida selvática. It was heavy on the carbohydrates with multiple plantain dishes and various types of meat including pork and chicken. After lunch, we took one last walk down to the beach to take in the views and the weather. I of course had to get lucuma ice cream on last time! And that was the slow end to an amazing vacation.


THE END. Wish I could go back! Seventy five and sunny sure beats winter weather.


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