Three Things


1. The Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2015 have been released! The key components of a healthy eating pattern include eating a variety of whole fruits and vegetables, whole grains, low fat dairy, a variety of protein foods, and oils. They recommend that a healthy eating pattern limits saturated fats, trans fat, added sugars, sodium, and alcohol in moderation. These recommendations shouldn’t be surprising. They further provide evidence that we’ve been on the right track for a while! MyPlate is also a great resource for planning a general healthful diet.

2. Recently, I’ve started to add morning workouts to my exercise schedule. These tips to becoming a morning workout person are great! Preparing the night before is crucial. I layout my workout gear, go to bed early (which I have to do anyways because I’m a grandma), and just picture my delicious breakfast I get to eat after I workout! Some yummy breakfasts to look forward to are protein pancakes, overnight oats, avocado toast, or veggie egg scrambles.

3. How do you eat healthy on a budget? I swear, it’s possible! Meal planning is essential. By figuring out what recipes you’re going to eat for the week, you can stick to a grocery list. Then you can meal prep, use everything you buy, and feel awesome eating healthy all week!


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