Three Things


1. No food is healthy. Food is nutritious. I absolutely love this article. No one food can be classified as healthy. It is a combination of nutritious food that makes us healthy people. This article calls for people to be educated about the food they are consuming and have a voice to make changes within the food industry. You can help decide on the use of the word “natural” in food labeling by submitting comments here.

2. Everyone has at least one friend on Facebook trying to get them to join their team on some sort of journey to health. Slightly overwhelming… am I right?! This article specifically calls out the Plexus program. As a dietitian I don’t believe that shakes, supplements, and cleanses are needed to make a change. While they may help “jump start” you, you need to make sure you know what it is you are consuming and what the definition of a cleanse is (see below). Do your research!

3. These myths about detoxing are on point. Your body does not need help detoxing! Your body does that job by itself. Instead of “detoxing” after a bout of not-so-healthy eating you should make new habits. Healthy habits will become normal life. Remember, all nutrients are necessary. Sticking with a no carb or no fat diet isn’t even possible! Finally, juicing may not be all you think it is. Juicing solely fruits and vegetables can make it a high sugar drink – not what you thought you were getting. Add protein, fat, and fiber by making a more balance smoothie instead.


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