No Fuss Yogurt Parfait

Yogurt, especially Greek yogurt, is perfect for breakfast or a snack or as a topping replacing sour cream. Yogurt contains bacteria that functions as a probiotic. Probiotics help promote a healthy digestive tract by assisting with digestion and protecting against harmful bacteria. Greek yogurt in particular has more protein than regular yogurt. It is thicker and more tart and may take some getting use to. Icelandic skyr yogurt is another type of yogurt with extra protein. Of course, yogurt also has calcium, phosphorous, vitamin B12, and riboflavin.

If you choose Greek yogurt as a snack, make sure to choose one with less than 10 grams of sugar per serving. If you choose nonfat Greek yogurt for breakfast, add a little bit of fat to help keep you full and even out those macronutrients. This yogurt parfait has cacao nibs and coconut as the healthy fat component.

No Fuss Yogurt Parfait


  • 1 cup plain, nonfat Greek yogurtDSC_0797
  • 1/4 cup low sugar granola
  • 1/2 cup berries
  • 1 tbsp unsweetened coconut shavings
  • 2 tsp cacao nibs
  • 1/2 tbsp honey


Layer Greek yogurt with granola and berries. Add coconut, cacao nibs, and drizzle with honey. Enjoy!

Serves: 1 | Serving size: 1 parfait
Calories: 360, total fat: 9 g, total carbohydrates: 47 g, dietary fiber: 7 g, sugars: 29 g, protein: 27 g


What are your favorite yogurt toppings? Tell me below!



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