Three Things


1. March is National Nutrition Month. The theme this year is “Savor the Flavor of Eating Right.” The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics is encouraging people to enjoy traditions around food and the social experience that comes with meals. Most importantly, develop a mindful eating pattern. Think about where you eat and what you’re doing while eating. Take time for your meals and make healthful choices. As always, don’t forget to connect with a Registered Dietitian to help you meet your goals!

2. Savor the flavor of eating right. Food can still taste good without the added sugar, sodium, and fat. Reducing sugar can be done by reading nutrition facts labels, avoiding sugar sweetens beverages, and choosing snacks with no added sugar. Sodium can be avoided by consuming fresh fruits, vegetables, and lean meats, and cooking at home instead of eating out. Also, saturated fats can be reduced by having low fat dairy products and using olive oil instead of butter.

3. Does your workplace have a wellness program in place? There’s a new app designed to help employees find healthy choices in the cafeteria that meet their personal health goals. The app Zipongo is being used by Google employees and a case study showed the employees who use the app made better meal choices at lunch. Wellness initiatives in the workplace don’t need to be a big undertaking. Team up with a coworker to set a list of healthful ground rules for everyday lunches, meetings, and company parties that you can stick to. It doesn’t need to be company wide for it to work for you!



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