Three Things


1. A judge has ruled that New York City can require sodium warnings. This would mean some restaurants must warn consumers about the high levels of sodium in dishes. Nationwide restaurants with 15 or more locations are required to place a salt shaker icon next to items on the menu that contain 2,300 mg or more of sodium. The Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) for sodium is 2,300 mg! It is recommended that people at risk for heart disease consume less than 1,500 mg per day. It’s crazy some food items have so much sodium they could contain more than the RDA. I believe this labeling these items on a menu is a great way to help consumers make healthier choices and be aware of when they make a poor choice. Thoughts?

2. How often do you reach for a sugar sweetened beverage? This includes soda, juice, bottled teas, lemonades, and other bottled drinks with added sugar. A study says that 1 in 3 Americans drink soda and other sugar sweetened beverages daily. Those calories can add up! Not to mention the unwanted long term effects of drinking these beverages everyday. I do think more people are choosing to stop drinking soda and are making an effort to drink more water. Check out why you should drink more water here!

3. Food photography, hashtags, and Instagram have become a large part of the dining experience. I generally can’t start eating a delicious looking meal without snapping a picture first. A new study states that by taking a picture before eating we have time to engage our senses and build anticipation of enjoyment. I can totally see it. Not only will I enjoy my food more, but my Instagram will be happy too.


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