Meal Prep Like a Boss

Meal prepping on Sunday makes my life a hell of a lot easier the rest of the week! Not having to worry about making sure I have healthy food makes it easy to stay on track. I’m not tempted to grab something I’ll regret later if my ready-to-go food is right there for me to eat. It may seem like taking time on Sunday to do this is time consuming, but take my advice to make meal prep quick and easy.

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5 Steps to Meal Prep Like a Boss

  1. Have your menu in order. Make sure to have a menu planned out for the week. This way you can make a grocery list and assess what you have in your pantry. Doing this will also help you stay on track.
  2. Gather all your ingredients. Go to the grocery store with your prepared list. Going with a list can prevent you from picking up snacks you don’t need! Don’t go hungry either. When you get home set out everything you need to start cooking.
  3. Stick with the staples. Don’t try to make anything too fancy or complicated for the week unless you have a lot of time. Making simple, staple meals will make things go quicker. Think a grain, protein, and veggie for lunches and dinner. Think a combo like oats and berries, eggs and avocado, or chia seed pudding for breakfast.
  4. Cook in large batches. Make enough grains and veggies for multiple meals. Your meals may get a little monotonous, but you can always add different herbs, spices, and sauces to change it up. If you don’t want to cook everything at once you should at least chop all your veggies for a quick cook during the week.
  5. Have a lunch box or bag. Prepping your meals won’t matter unless you can take them with you and keep them at proper temperatures. Invest in an insulated lunch bag and some ice packs to travel with all your delicious, healthy food!

P.S. Here are some of my favorite recipes to make on Sundays: Easy Egg Bake, Quinoa Breakfast Oats, Goji-Go Trail Mix, and Three Bean Salad.


2 thoughts on “Meal Prep Like a Boss

  1. Vince & Vee says:

    Thanks so much! I need to start meal preping, cooking everyday and feel like hassle especially after a long hard day at work. I end up not having breakfast, buying food for lunch then heading home so hungry we stop at a fast food place. Just ends up costing more and more money with less nutrition. This advice helps a lot. I need to purchase some containers and figure out what to make.

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