Three Things


1. The new nutrition facts label means great things are coming! Not only will the serving sizes actually reflect what people eat in one sitting, but it will also include added sugars. Yay! Also, vitamin A and vitamin C are being replaced with vitamin D and potassium. These changes will take place over the next two to three years. Clearly I’m most excited about the added sugars which will distinguish between naturally occurring sugars in a product and what has been added. I’ll call this a win for dietitians.

2. A new study found that neighborhoods that are more walkable have a lower percentage of people with obesity and diabetes. The “walkability” of a neighborhood was based on population density, number of places within walking distance, and how well connected the streets are. Areas were ranked based on their “walkability” and the prevalence of obesity and diabetes was lower in those neighborhoods that ranked higher. Walking is always a plus. If you can get somewhere using your own two feet – do it! Stairs included.

3. Eating too many potatoes (French fries included) may give women hypertension. Uh oh. The jury is out on exactly why this is, but my guess is that it’s the toppings and seasonings on potatoes contributing to high blood pressure. Avoid the salt and keep your potato intake to a minimum and you should be good to go. Salty snacks and overuse of the salt shaker are generally culprits in hypertension. Seek out a dietitian (like me!) after speaking to your doctor to help control high blood pressure through diet.


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