Nashville Recap

This past weekend I was lucky enough to visit Nashville, Tennessee for one of my good friends’ bachelorette party! Or should I say “nashlorette.” Nashville is one of the most fun cities I have ever visited. We had an awesome weekend eating, drinking, dancing, and pedaling (you’ll see what I mean).


Nashvegas Weekend

Friday night. I arrived in Nashville and hung out with the ladies in our gorgeous Airbnb. We ordered some food in, played a lingerie game for the bride, and had some time to catch up. Honky Tonk Central was our bar of choice that night. This was my first experience seeing Broadway Street at night feeling the awesome vibes of country music and fun everywhere you look. I have to say I fell in love!

Saturday afternoon. The gang got ready (with pink image1 (2)tutus) and we all headed to Broadway Street to go to the Wildhorse Saloon. We listened to some live country music, ordered delicious food, and learned a cute line dance routine. I ordered the Music City Melody made with gin, basil, sea salt, lemon, and watermelon juice. While I’m not the biggest fan of gin I couldn’t say no to basil and watermelon! To eat I had the Buttermilk Fried Chicken with mac and cheese, and coleslaw. The fried chicken was ah-maze-ing. Yum! After, a few of us stopped by Boot Country to get some authentic boots which I am in love with. We then got a few drinks at Crazy Town and Bootleggers Inn. I absolutely love the atmosphere that Nashville offers with music everywhere you turn!

Saturday evening. After checking out some of the bars we wandered over to the pedestrian bridge to see the city from above. It offered a beautiful view of city and river. A couple girls love the show Chrisley Knows Best and wanted to check out Juice Bar which is owned by Todd Chrisley. I got a yummy green smoothie made with pineapple, apple, kale, spinach, and coconut milk. I’m not going to lie… these were about the only fruits and vegetables I had all weekend! Oops. Then we headed back to the house to get ready.

Saturday night. The Pedal Tavern was theimage10most fun I’ve ever had! You literally pedal
around Nashville on a moving bar while singing, laughing, and drinking. My legs were a tad sore the next day. Working out and drinking?! Why not. After pedaling we stopped at Tootsies and Paradise Park. A few drinks in and tater tots started to sound pretty good! Some cheesy tots were ordered and we were on our way home.

Sunday morning. I woke up sad to go home! I caught my flight, grabbed a bite to eat, and got home in time for Game of Thrones (thank goodness).


Have you ever been to Nashville? How did you like it?! Tell me below!


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