5 Tips to Rock Your Workout

If you ever feel like your workouts are becoming lackluster then I think it’s time for you to amp up your routine. Sometimes it’s hard to stay motivated when you have the option of heading out for a drink or catching up on your favorite shows. Finding new classes, working out with a friend, or simply trying a new exercise can help you get back to the right mindset. Check out my tips on how to rock your workout. I think my favorite is dressing the part because who doesn’t love new clothes!


5 Tips to Rock Your Workout

  1. Fuel appropriately. Eat a full meal three or more hours before working out. Within two hours of a workout consume carbohydrates with a small amount of protein. Avoid fat and fiber to increase the rate of digestion. Within an hour of a workout consume carbohydrates to top off glycogen stores and prevent early fatigue.
  2. Dress the part. Getting excited to wear that new dress this weekend? Use that same concept to get yourself to the gym! I always have a better workout when I love what I’m wearing. Grab a new patterned sports bra or new tank and wear it as motivation.
  3. Make it fun. Don’t force yourself into a workout that you absolutely hate. I try different classes and change up my schedule from week to week so I don’t get bored. You’ll find out what classes and instructors you like most and be more excited to sweat it out for an hour each day.
  4. Get your jam on. Take the time to find or make a playlist that truly motivates you. Each week I set aside a few minutes to find new songs that I can play while teaching my fitness classes to help people get motivated. Find me on Spotify (redmond.raquel) for playlists!
  5. Chart your progress. And follow up with your goals. Every week should bring a new set of small goals. Maybe it’s to increase your weight with one exercise or be able to do one more burpee. Anything that you can accomplish each week with give you more motivation to achieve the overall fitness goals you have set!


4 thoughts on “5 Tips to Rock Your Workout

  1. AZ@...And a Dash of Cinnamon says:

    I totally agree with your tips! It’s crazy what a difference music can make in particular!

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