Three Things

TT - Philly Soda Tax

1. Not long ago Philadelphia passed a new soda tax. What do you think about it? I agree with all of the dietitians in this article! Americans have an unhealthy relationship with sugar and especially soda. The Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommend that less than 10 percent of our daily caloric intake come from added sugars and it seems that people are consuming twice that amount. If a higher price tag discourages people from buying soda then I’m all for it! In addition to higher prices, education is key as with anything else. Educating people on appropriate sugar intake and better food choices can help limit intake of added sugars.

2. I drink one to two cups of coffee per day. I definitely need it to stay awake in the mornings and I sometimes drink it as a treat in the afternoon. There has been conflicting information about whether or not coffee is healthy or not. Apparently, it may depend on your genes. There are people who metabolize coffee slowly and some who metabolize it quickly. I’d like to think I’m somewhere in between!

3. Personal trainers are a great option to help you reach your fitness goals. However, they are generally not trained to give nutrition or diet advice. In fact, it’s illegal! You should never take nutrition or diet advice from your personal trainer unless they are also a dietitian. Get your fitness advice from trainers and diet advice from dietitians. Makes things less messy!


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