How To: Organic Foods

The word “organic” is one of the many hot button words in the nutrition world. So what does organic really mean?

Produce can be labeled organic if it is certified to have been grown on soil that had no prohibited substances (synthetic fertilizers and pesticides) used there for three years before harvest. Meat can be labels organic if the animals are raised in living conditions that accommodate their natural behaviors, are fed organic feed and no antibiotics or growth hormones. Packaged products can be labeled organic if they contain at least 70% organic ingredients. Some products may say “made with organic ingredients” and will not have the USDA organic seal. Organic products may be more expensive than conventional ones. However, not all foods need to be purchased as organic. The Environmental Working Group creates the “Dirty Dozen” (produce you should be organic) and the “Clean Fifteen” (produce you can buy conventional) as a quick guide for consumers.

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