Three Things

TT - unfit

1. This doesn’t come as much of a surprise, but being unfit may be almost as bad for you as smoking. According to a new study poor physical fitness is a major risk factor for premature death. Smoking had the greatest impact on lifespan and low aerobic capacity came in as a close second. Poor physical fitness had more impact than high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Only men were studied, however this should still encourage everyone to strive for their own physical fitness goals! Get up and go.

2. Red meat continues to get negative attention. Red meat includes beef, lamb and pork and should be consumed in moderation (duh). Consumption of red meat has been linked to increased risk for cardiovascular disease and cancer. A new study suggests that red meat consumption is also linked to kidney failure. That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a burger on occasion, but replacing one serving of red meat a week with another protein can reduce your risk of kidney disease by 62%.

3. Sandwiches can be healthy or they can be a sodium and fat bomb. A study found that on days people ate sandwiches they consumed 100 more calories and more sodium, fat and sugar. Packing your own lunch by making your own sandwich can create a healthier sandwich. You get to control what type of bread and fillings you use. Choose whole wheat bread, low sodium deli meats or grilled protein, avoid sauces and condiments and load up on the veggies! A made-at-home sandwich can be just as delicious as getting lunch to go.


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