Three Things

TT - Kind Snacks

1. Kind Snacks becomes the first national snack brand to publish added sugar content on all its snacks! What an awesome achievement! Soon (in two years) added sugar will be mandatory on the nutrition facts label so this is a great move. All of their products will have between half a teaspoon to two and a half teaspoons of added sugar per serving. I really am excited about added sugar coming to the nutrition facts label and Kind being the first to add it makes me like them even more!

2. How about a prescription for vegetables? A nutrition prescription could be fruits and vegetables five to nine times per day and people would be able to take it to the farmers market or grocery store.¬†Nutrition is essential for preventing chronic diseases. Many doctors don’t focus on prevention, however this may be changing soon! I would love to see people taking their diets more seriously with the encouragement of their physicians. What do you think?

3. I saw an article this week that I had to share because of how ridiculous it is. “10 Vegetables That Aren’t Actually Good For You.” Excuse me, what? All vegetables have way more pros than cons. There is no sense in telling people vegetables aren’t good for you because that’s simply not true! Yes, some vegetables may cause gas and bloating, but if you can tolerate it there are plenty of nutrients that outweigh that. Plus if you’re worried about pesticides you can always choose the organic options. Check out my guide to eating organic. Please ignore articles like these! Love, your friendly dietitian.


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