Three Things

1. Do you use a meal kit delivery service? New research suggests that people who are the least enthusiastic about cooking are more likely to use a meal kit delivery service. The younger generation is more likely to use the services and be away that they exist. These services can be a great way of staying on track and take the planning out of meal prep and grocery shopping. While I do love my grocery shopping, a meal service can be great for weeks I know will be super busy!

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2. Healthy obesity is being questioned once again. Is it possible for someone to be metabolically healthy and obese at the same time? A marker for a metabolically healthy obese individual is high sensitivity to insulin which could indicate that someone may not need as much intervention to prevent obesity-related complications. A new study analyzing fat tissue showed a difference between healthy participants and insulin-sensitive and insulin-resistant obese individuals. In conclusion, it seems that samples from obese individuals that were either metabolically healthy or unhealthy showed almost identical, abnormal changes in gene expression in response to insulin stimulation.

3. It’s true that people sometimes ignore the advice of dietitians. But why would people do that?! It can definitely be hard for dietitians to interpret scientific evidence into information that the general public can use. Not only that, but there are multiple blogs, people and source giving uneducated opinions about nutrition and incorrect nutrition information. The best way to sort through all the noise is to ask a dietitian and use trusted sources for nutrition information.


I received a credit to try HelloFresh as a result of this promotion. This post contains affiliate links.

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