How To: Celebrate in Moderation

Sincerely Nourished is turning one in two days! That means it’s time to celebrate. There may be a super fun giveaway as well! Celebrating your accomplishments is exactly what you need after working hard to reach your goals. However, making sure you don’t over do it is key. Check out my tips below to celebrate in moderation.

Celebrate in Moderation

  1. Plan ahead. Planning your dinner, treat or party ahead of time allows you to get excited about the celebrations. You can plan around fitness and make healthy decisions instead of choosing things on the fly.
  2. Choose one treat. Don’t go for the sweets, the lavish dinner and multiple cocktails. Pick one! It might be hard, but something small is all you need! I generally pick one of my favorite restaurants as my treat. 
  3. Stick to your fitness schedule. Make sure you still go to that fitness class or take a run the day of your celebrations. You’ll feel better and you’ll thank yourself later.
  4. Remember your goals. Your health and fitness goals don’t go out the window during a night of celebrations. Going back to number one… Plan ahead so you can stick to your goals!
  5. Have fun! It’s your time to celebrate whatever you have accomplished or maybe you’re another year older so take advantage and savor every bit of your celebrations.


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