Breakfast Habits to Keep

Breakfast should start your day off on the right foot. Making good choices at breakfast can help sustain your healthy lifestyle and keep you on the right track. Plus, don’t forget about your daily coffee. You breakfast and totally make or break your day! My breakfast habits are hard to break and I hope you can make these your habits too. Try my Quinoa Breakfast Oats, Easy Egg Bake or check out my other breakfast recips for new breakfast ideas!


5 Breakfast Habits to Keep

  1. Actually eat breakfast. Don’t skip the opportunity to kickstart your metabolism and add all sorts of nutrients to your day! Set some time aside to make a quick breakfast or have some options ready to go.
  2. Make breakfast at home. Props to your for eating breakfast. Now the challenge is making sure to make it yourself! Grabbing breakfast out on the go can pack in extra sugar, too much fat and not enough nutrients.
  3. Add extra protein. Don’t settle for boring cereal or a granola bar. Add some eggs, milk, breakfast meat or protein packed grains to keep you feeling full until lunch. Even protein powder or yogurt in a smoothie will give you an extra boost.
  4. Incorporate fruits and veggies. A side of fruit or veggies can sometimes be hard to add at breakfast, but get creative! You want all the extra fiber they provide. Berries, bananas, citrus fruit and tropical fruit are good with waffles, pancakes and yogurt. Fresh tomatoes, mushrooms, broccoli, etc. are great with eggs. Plus avocado on the side adds healthy fats.
  5. Make your coffee smart. Don’t overload your coffee with sugar and fat. Lattes, flavored coffees and mixed coffee drinks will pack on the calories. Aim for low fat milk or milk alternative and a sugar substitute or limited sugar for a healthier option.


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