Three Things

1. Hey look, it’s me on 6ABC on Philadelphia! I’m talking healthy breakfast for kids, but all my recipes are something that everyone can enjoy. It’s so important to meal prep so you have healthy breakfast choices all week. I always try to stay away from sugary breakfast options and it’s especially important for kids to stay away from them too! Check out my Breakfast page for more ideas.

2. New food trends are here. Low FODMAP foods are great for those struggling with gastrointestinal issues and it may also help decrease your uncomfortable symptoms. Fermented foods (like my favorite kombucha) are also great for gut health and pack on the probiotics. Various plant based food trends also make the list. What’s your favorite new trend? Mine is definitely fermented foods.

3. Help stop food waste by choosing the “ugly” produce at the grocery store. Good produce is often thrown out or rejected just because it doesn’t appear to be perfect. The “ugly” produce is no less nutritious than it’s beautiful counterparts. Choose the produce that won’t be picked up by others to help reduce food waste.


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