Three Things

1. What does ‘healthy‘ mean to you? And should food products be allowed to market themselves as such? Consumers are telling the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) just that. If you remember, KIND snacks were no longer allowed to market their product as healthy due to the amount of fat they contain. However, the fat came mainly from nuts! In the opinion of many nutrition professionals – unsaturated fat from nuts is healthy. So I’m curious… what does ‘healthy’ mean to you? Tell me below!

2. Hopefully you know by now that a nutritionist is NOT a dietitian! See my page about it here. A few lovely ladies want to legally protect the term nutritionist from being used by people who are not experts in food and nutrition. Many wellness bloggers consider themselves nutritionists without having any formal education. We should encourage those interested in wellness to go out and get their education instead of using the term nutritionist so loosely!

3. There are five terms that you should ignore on a food label. Thanks to a fellow dietitian who is setting the record straight! Please ignore gluten-free, detox, fat-free, organic and natural! (Unless of course you need to be gluten-free for a legitimate medical reason.) These terms are hot in the nutrition world right now and marketers will take advantage of this! Check out this list and see what you think.


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