How To: Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

Holiday weight gain is avoidable. Studies show that the average holiday weight gain is only about 1 to 2 pounds! Ending the year with weight gain can be discouraging so don’t let the holidays hinder the progress towards your weight and fitness goals.

5 Steps to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

  1. Stick to regular meals. Nutrition is important all day. Saving calories during the day for a later meal or night out is not healthy. If you restrict yourself before an event you may end up overindulging later. If you want to save room for a treat make sure you keep up your nutrition during the day by eating balanced meals.
  2. Get enough sleep. Sleep is so important for keeping off those extra pounds. Feeling rejuvenated each day helps you stay alert, stay on task and make healthy choices. Not only that, but you’ll have energy to keep exercising during the dark days of winter.
  3. Keep your exercise routine. Holiday events, parties and activities don’t mean you should stop making time to workout. In fact, this is even more of a reason to stick to your routine! Don’t burn yourself out by overcompensating for your extra treats instead keep your fitness schedule and hold yourself accountable. Maybe even get up a few minutes earlier to workout if you have an event later that day.
  4. Don’t go overboard with alcohol. There are plenty of gorgeous holiday cocktails and sangria’s to go around. Instead of falling for these sugary drinks try low calorie, low sugar options instead. Wine, champagne or a vodka soda are great options, but one craft beer or one fancy cocktail is acceptable if it’s a one drink kind of night.
  5. Enjoy the holidays & don’t deprive yourself. Find healthy ways to enjoy the holidays. Instead of focusing on the food and drinks, focus on the company you’re with. Pick a few treats to indulge in and savor every bite.


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