Three Things

1. My spice cabinet is the secret to flavorful dishes and extra nutrition. Cinnamon, garlic, ginger and turmeric are always on hand as the anti-inflammatory players. Cinnamon goes great with any sweet breakfasts like overnight oats and protein pancakes. Turmeric pairs with eggs, other proteins and roasted veggies. Spices and herbs are the key to making healthy dishes enjoyable. Italian spices for light Italian dishes and Greek flavors are my favorite! By eating what you love and adding flavor without fat and sodium you can rock a healthy diet.

2. Eating Disorder Awareness Week has just ended. It is so important to have a healthy relationship with food and your body. This article has some amazing tips on how to nurture a healthy relationship with food. My favorite: You are worthy of eating no matter what. “Regardless of what you weigh, how much exercise you did today or how badly yesterday went, you are worthy of nourishing your body for health and energy.” Remember this!

3. Do you think your diet is healthy? According to new research less than half of Americans think their diet is healthy. There is an obvious growing in trend healthy, intuitive eating, but it seems like people still don’t think their diet is worthy of a ‘healthy’ label. My theory is that people are eating well, but don’t believe they are healthy enough. What do you think?


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