Three Things

1. This one is for my Philly people! Cyclebar is opening in Plymouth Meeting on May 8th! This isn’t your average cycling studio. It’s a fun, heart pounding workout that will keep you coming back! I love the variety of class times offered and the Cyclestats that measure your daily and historical performance. It’s definitely worth a try if you’re in the area! You can sign up for free rides on their website.

2. ‘Declining soda sales‘ is exactly what I love to hear. Which beverage will take over now? It seems like kombucha, cold brew coffee and pressed juices are becoming industry leaders. I’m most excited about people loving kombucha! If you follow me on Instagram you know how much I love kombucha and I drink it everyday for those yummy probiotics. Which drink is your fave?

3. The nutrition facts label is getting a face lift and the front of packaging nutrition facts will likely be updated too. How does it compare to the nutrition logo in France? The World Health Organization is pretty excited about the A-E scale nutrition logo. While it does help with making a healthier choice, it may not discourage someone from buying something they like. The label is meant to help limit intake of calories, saturated fats, sugar and salt. I’m curious to see the outcome of using this labeling.


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