How To: Store Produce

Throwing away unused produce that has gone bad is a huge waste. I always try to use every piece of the produce I’ve bought. One of the best ways to do that, besides meal planning, is to store your groceries properly! Check out these tips and tricks to make your groceries last longer.


How To: Store Produce


  • Apples – refrigerator drawer; I like to let them come to room temp before eating
  • Pears – counter top or fruit basket
  • Citrus – refrigerator shelf; half of a citrus fruit will last in plastic wrap for a few days
  • Bananas – counter top; half a banana will last in a plastic bag for a few days
  • Berries – refrigerator drawer; only rinse berries immediately before using
  • Avocados – ripen on counter top, refrigerator shelf when ripe; half an avocado can be kept by spraying with cooking spray, wrapping in plastic wrap on refrigerator shelf


  • Asparagus – refrigerator shelf; stems in water if possible or loosely in a plastic bag
  • Bell peppers – refrigerator shelf in plastic wrap
  • Broccoli – refrigerator shelf in plastic wrap; I love using frozen broccoli for a quick veggie side
  • Carrots – refrigerator drawer in a plastic bag; I tend to keep baby carrots in their original bag
  • Cabbage – refrigerator drawer in plastic wrap
  • Celery – refrigerator drawer
  • Cucumber – refrigerator drawer in plastic wrap or plastic bag
  • Leafy greens – refrigerator drawer in a plastic bag lined with paper towels
  • Mixed greens – refrigerator shelf in plastic container lined with paper towels
  • Garlic – pantry, unwrapped; I love using jarred minced garlic for convenience
  • Mushrooms – refrigerator shelf in brown paper bag or box
  • Onions – pantry, unwrapped; half an onion can be kept in a plastic bag in the refrigerator
  • Potatoes/sweet potatoes – pantry in brown paper bag; don’t forget to separate onions and potatoes as they will make each other go bad faster
  • Summer squash – refrigerator shelf in a plastic bag

Don’t forget to clean out your refrigerator regularly! You never know what you’ll find hiding in the back. Always remove anything with mold. Remember, the freezer is your friend. You can freeze banana halves for smoothies, cut up avocado for later, and of course chicken, turkey, beef, or fish!


How To: Save on Groceries

Around the holidays I’m always looking for ways to save money so I can splurge on holiday festivities. Saving money on groceries can be done and these tips can be used anytime. Personally, I use most of these tips especially the meal prepping and stocking up on bulk items. Cooking for one can be tough and it can be tempting to waste food, but planning ahead can help avoid that.


Top 10 Tips to Save on Groceries

  • Stick to your list – Always, always, always go to the grocery store with a list! This will help prevent you from throwing things in your cart that you don’t need. When making your list be sure to assess your refrigerator and pantry for items you may already have.
  • Don’t go hungry – I’m sure you’ve heard this one before. Don’t go to the grocery store on an empty stomach. You will be tempted to add extras to your cart that you don’t need!
  • Buy in bulk – If you have the space to store bulk items then you have an advantage. Buying in bulk lowers the price of many items such as dried beans and lentils, rice, quinoa, nuts and seeds, pasta, etc.
  • Buy in season produce – In season produce will always be cheaper than out of season produce. Plus it will be much more fresh and flavorful. Bonus!
  • Buy generic brands – Each grocery store chain has their own generic brands. These products are generally cheaper than name brand items and will still give you what you’re looking for.
  • Don’t buy toiletries – The prices of toiletries are spiked at grocery stores! While it may seem convenient to pick them up while grocery shopping it will hurt your total. Save toiletries for a trip to Target or another store.
  • Avoid prepared foods – Prepared foods include all those pre-made meals at the deli counter, as well as fruits and vegetables that are already cut. If you simply spend some time on Sunday prepping your fruits and veggies and other meals for the week you can save some cash.
  • Stock up the freezer – This goes along with avoiding prepared foods. If you meal prep on Sunday freeze some meals for the week or month. Buy meat and seafood in bulk and pre-portion and freeze that as well.
  • Take reusable bags – Most places give a few cents back for using reusable bags. While this isn’t a huge saving technique it helps! You can also donate the cents you get back from using reusable bags to good causes at some grocery stores.
  • Stock up on sales – Don’t be afraid to use coupons as well. Sign up for coupon booklets and pick up your grocery stores sale flyer to plan meals around what’s on sale. You can always find fruits, vegetables, and protein on sale each week. Make it fun and come up with creative meals around sales and coupons.

Where’s your favorite place to grocery shop? Tell me below!